Hurricane Proof Facility

Our facility is open and staffed through all storms and able to care for your pet during evacuations. We are strategically located in a non-evacuation no-flood zone location and are the only hurricane safe pet service facility in South Florida. Here are some of the features that make our facility the ideal location for your pet during a storm:

  • Up to 800 Gallons of fresh water prepared and stored on site
  • Equipped with 2 generators that can run an average of 10 days without refueling
  • Hurricane Impact Windows
  • Entire facility is built to hurricane code
  • High strength aluminum doggy door covers are placed over doggy doors for reinforced protection
  • Backup electrical systems and air-conditioning systems in case one goes out
  • 12-foot high solid concrete wall surrounding building that protects from wind and debris
  • Staff on premises 24 hours a day, even during hurricanes
  • Property manager on premises throughout the hurricane
  • Dogs still brought out of kennels 3 times a day in our indoor park
  • Gas-powered water pump in case of flooding
  • Half a mile from the fire station