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What you can expect when you bring your pet to train at Country Inn Pet Resort.


Canine vaccine requirements as well as information on Canine Influenza.

Dog Training in Fort Lauderdale, FL

We bring out the best in your dogs! Whether your dog is an adolescent with lots of energy or a new puppy – we have the best and qualified trainers for dog training at Country Inn Pet Resort. Our training is provided to your dog in a fun learning environment, to make them healthy and happy as well as active!

Dog Training at Country Inn Pet Resort – Simple and Effective!

At Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Florida, we have created a positive and progressive training program that will not only keep your dog mentally sharp but also physically fit.

What makes Cesar Millan’s dog training program different?

  • We offer engaging puppy classes to help make your pet partner socialized, confident and well-behaved.
  • We provide the right guidance to correct behavioral problems of your dog.
  • We’ll let your dog learn both the basic and the advance obedience skills.
  • You learn how to communicate with your dog effectively and create a strong bond with them.
  • You can show your dog new and exciting ways to earn praise as well as rewards.

Our qualified dog trainers go out of their way to make dog training at Country Inn Pet Resort a fun and effective experience.

If you want to be a great leader and a partner to your pet family member, you need to understand them.

Also, your dog needs to understand what you are asking for. And this is exactly what we teach in your training classes. Your dog becomes obedient without any major behavioral issues.

Dog Training in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dog Training at Our Facility in Ft. Lauderdale Or in Your Home

Mastering the Walk, Socialization, Obedience I, Obedience II and Dog Swimming are taught by trainers with extensive experience in their fields and knowledge of Cesar’s instinctual approach to dog psychology. Our star dog training program includes:

  • Training Cesar’s Way
  • Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training – at Resort or In Home

Private training including at home training, puppy training, pack walks, socialization in our parks, and much more are also available. Want to talk to us about your dog’s training and behavioral needs? Give us a call now!